Hanan Elbadawi

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Pre-doctoral Fellow and Program Manager

Hanan obtained her Master of Advanced Study in Global Affairs at Yale in 2016. Her professional background is in diplomacy and communications, with work experience in governmental, non-governmental, and regional institutions in Egypt. Prior to coming to Yale, Hanan worked as a desk officer at the cabinet of the former Secretary General of the Arab League, Amre Moussa, and as a political aide to his chief of staff, which gave her considerable experience in Arab and Middle Eastern affairs.

Her research interests include forced migration and refugee issues, social movements, state-society relations, the art of protest, framing processes and identity construction.  

Hanan is also a published writer, with a profound interest in arts and culture. She took part in a number of independent art projects in Egypt, including creative writing and storytelling workshops. While finishing a documentary film-making class at Yale, she worked on editing and directing her first documentary, A Place in the Homeland.