PRFDHR Seminar: Promoting maternal mental health and early childhood development in communities exposed to violence and forced displacement in Colombia, Professor Andrés Moya

By the end of 2020, 1 out of every 6 children was living in a region affected by violence and armed conflict. Repeated and traumatic exposure violence at an early age can severely affect children’s mental health and can therefore hinder healthy development and derail their life trajectories. In this paper Professor Moya and his co-authors report the results from a cluster-based randomized trial of Semillas de Apego, a community-based psychosocial model for mothers of young children affected by violence and forced displacement.

Health Care of Afghan Refugees Part 3: Emergency Care and Women’s Health

Please join the YSM Office of Global Health for the third webinar in the series - Health Care of Afghan Refugees: Emergency Care and Women’s Health.
Learning Objectives:
● Recognize drivers of acute care utilization in the resettled population
● Understand Emergency Department-specific care consideration
● Identify key women’s health needs for the resettled Afghan population
● Highlight resources to better serve the women in the resettled Afghan population in our community

Health Care of Afghan Refugees: Supporting Adult and Child Mental Health.

Please join the YSM Office of Global Health for the second webinar in the series - Health Care of Afghan Refugees: Supporting Adult and Child Mental Health.
Learning Objectives:
● Describe the spectrum of refugee mental health needs
● Describe mental health considerations specific to the adult Afghan population
● Identify risk factors and symptoms of mental and behavioral health problems for refugee children
● Name key components of preventive emotional health initiatives for refugee children and families

Latin American Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Annual Conference

From diverse academic disciplines, we use a gender analysis to understand, transform, and repair the social world. For many of us, activism is entwined with our research and teaching agendas. In LAIGN’s second conference, we want to make a space to recognize and imagine new convergences between the political and intellectual in gender studies. Considering the professional body in its subjective and collective dimensions, what bodies are considered legible in our activist and academic processes and spaces?

35 Years of Transitions from Authoritarian Rule: The Legacy of Guillermo O’Donnell and Philippe Schmitter

1.Prof. Philippe Schmitter: Emeritus Professor of Political Science (EUI), Co-Author of the Book
2.Prof. Gabriela Ippolito-O’Donnell: Professor of Political Science (UNSAM)
3.Prof. Milan Svolik: Professor of Political Science (Yale University)
Martin Mejia: Visiting Doctoral Fellow CLAIS (Yale University/Tulane University)

Fireside Chat with Abdi Ismail

Join 2021 World Fellow Abdi Ismail for a fireside chat about his career working for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Most recently stationed in Yemen, Abdi was in charge of managing the security of ICRC staff, assets, and operations in a very volatile security environment.
Open to Yale students.

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