Spring 2019

Spring 2019

january 16

New Methods of Discussing Gender Norm Change and Sensitive Subjects: A Case Study of Body Map Panels with South Sudanese refugees
Hilary Matfess, Yale University - Department of Political Science

Instrumentalizing Mental Health in Jordan: International Aid, Practitioners, and the Syrian Refugee
Erik Kramer, Yale University - School of Medicine

january 23

Dangerous Alliances-Cooperation Between the EU and Third States in Migration
Lena Riemer
, Yale University - Yale Fox International Fellowship

february 20

Crimes of Rescue: Humanitarian Smuggling and the Limits of Legitimate Criminalization
Violeta Moreno-Lax, 
Queen Mary University of London - School of Law

february 27

Understanding Legal Recourse for Refugees in Turkey
Pilar Brito,
 Yale University - Law School

Catherine L. Crooke, Yale University - Law School
april 3

Child Protection and Migration: The Human Rights Consequences of the European Migration Policy
Vasileia Digidiki Lucero, Harvard University - School of Public Health

april 10
Janine Kara, Yale University - School Public Health
Nishin Nathwani, Yale University - Department of Political Science
april 17
Niraj Nathwani, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights