The Program on Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Humanitarian Responses (PRFDHR) is an intellectual hub for research, teaching, and policy recommendations that takes a people-centered approach to the refugee experience – from internal displacement at home, to the transit experience inside and outside the camp, to challenges of resettlement and integration. Acting as a catalyst for innovation, it is open to new and unconventional ideas of research or public outreach. Rigorous, inter-disciplinary, evidence-based research is being conducted and linked to policy and practice.

The interdisciplinary program is campus-wide and draws on the research and teaching interests and combine the intellectual faculty resources of the Yale Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Yale’s twelve professional schools. More than fifty faculty across Yale already work on issues related to the program’s scope, see further details here.

More broadly, the Program on Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Humanitarian Responses is putting the resources of academic institutions, and the field experience of humanitarian workers and policy makers under one virtual roof, encompassing a wide range of issues that cover the entire refugee experience, to foster quality academic research and sound policy advice.

News & Events

On February 22, the Hellenic Studies Program hosted a talk on “Population Movements Under Lockdown: Refugees and Migrants in Greece and Lebanon.” Kaveh Khoshnood from the Yale School of Public Health and George Syrimis...
Mural, Casa Vides, El Paso, Texas. Photograph by Mark Eggerman.
The following article written by Catherine Panter-Brick appeared in the Journal of Refugee Studies on January 25. According to the abstract, “It examines how notions of solidarity, social justice, and faith guide...
Elizabeth Nugent
The 2011 Arab Spring set both Tunisia and Egypt on a course toward democratization, but their trajectories soon diverged.  Tunisian political elites have since cooperated in passing a constitution, holding elections,...