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The Paradox of Trust in a "Low" Trust Society: Insights from the Case of Greece- Effrosyni Charitopoulou

Low levels of social trust are widely seen as an impediment to economic development and social cohesion. Trust is measured mainly via surveys: metrics are used extensively in cross-national studies and percolate back to inform societal debates. However, the way in which trust is empirically approached is subject to two problems: measurement bias and the relation between attitudes and behavior. We address both problems focusing on Greece, currently ranked as one of Europe’s least trusting societies.

The Black Indian Ocean: Slavery, Religion, and Identity (1400-1700)

The Yale Institute of Sacred Music will host a one-day webinar and interdisciplinary symposium organized by ISM fellow Dr. Janie Cole. “The Black Indian Ocean: Slavery, Religion, and Identity (1400-1700)” will explore new perspectives on the impact of slavery and patterns of migration and displacement across the Indian Ocean on Afro-Asian communities, their cultural manifestations and soundscapes, and how religion, faith and ritual were articulated in acts of identity, oppression, and resistance in the early modern world.

CAS Talk: African Solutions to Africa's Problems in a Multi Polar World - Proposals by the 2023 World Fellows from Africa

African Solutions to Africa’s Problems in a Multi Polar World - Proposals by the 2023 World Fellows from Africa


Abdouramane Diallo: Increasing intra Africa trade, a Strategic Imperative for Africa
Naasu Fofanah: Promoting African Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Innovative Financing
Ann Iyonu: Unconventional Diplomacy in Africa
Janah Ncube: Positioning the African Union to Respond to Geopolitical Pressures in a Multi Polar World

PRFDHR Seminar: AI, Digital Identities, Biometrics, Blockchain: How the Use of Technology is Changing Migration Globally, Dr. Raphaela Schweiger

The seminar led by Dr. Raphaela Schweiger will delve into the profound impacts of digitalization and technological advancements on migration and refugee policies. In a world shaped by rapid technological change, this seminar offers an exploration of the evolving landscape, both globally and in some specific cases in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America. Technology has already begun reshaping the experiences of migrants, refugees, and those on the move.

Race, Gender and Migration in the Global South

This workshop inaugurates a network of early career social scientists researching the racial and gendered dynamics of migration and bordering in the Global South. It emerges in response to the ongoing situation of anti-black and anti-immigrant violence in Tunisia, precipitated by statements President Saied made calling for the deportation of sub-Saharan African migrants and stoking racial violence against them. As scholars of the region point out, racialized discourses regarding sub-Saharan migration are not new to Tunisia nor new to North Africa at large.

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